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Skin Potions x Disney Aladdin Collection Review

Growing up, I’ve always been a fan of Disney. I loved the stories, fantasy, and happy endings. I loved the princesses (feminist discussion on the princess mentality for another day), but I’ve always looked to Jasmine for her ferocity and beauty. As a brown girl growing up in the late 90s, she was the only brown princess. I think that’s why I was particularly drawn to her.

When I heard about a live-action remake for Aladdin, I was so excited! I’ve always loved the colors and sights in the animated original. So I got all giddy because now I get to indulge my fascination with costumes, music, and set design.

Before this becomes a movie review, let’s get to it!

This Skin Potions and Disney exclusive is an eight piece collection: matte lipsticks in 3 shades, brow pencil/brow mascara combos in 3 shades, a black eyeliner, and a contour/highlighter stick.

The packaging is beautiful. The art on the boxes nod to the West/South Asian inspiration of Aladdin. They are printed matte with color shifts, glossy on certain areas like on the character and text. Inside is Jasmine’s signature turquoise blue.

The boxes are pretty, but sturdy too. Except for the lipsticks, all the boxes come with cardboard bracing on the inside to protect the products.

Now, what’s inside?

Jasmine Eyes Eyeliner

This eyeliner already has something to set it apart from the rest of the black liquid liners in my collection. It has a sponge arrow tip that makes it easy for anyone to get those Jasmine eyes.

The top photo shows the liner on its side, while the bottom photo shows the tip from the front. Being shaped like this gives you the ease of stamping the arrow head on your lids for an instant wing, and the versatility of creating your own wing shape.

For the look I created, I drew in my own wing. It was easy because the tip was fine and firm. The pen shape is also helps with ease. Some liquid liners are difficult to use because the tips are brushes, so when the brush frays even just a little, you get messy, uneven lines, or tiny lines next to your main line which you then have to clean up. Winged liner is challenging as it is, and it’s important to have the right eyeliner for it. Jasmine Eyes is a sure bet.

As for the formula, it is pigmented and even. There is no streakiness when you draw on your winged liner. There’s no need to go back and fill sheer spots and risk a messy-looking liner. It does the job in a swipe.

In terms of longevity, to test it I let my swatches dry then tried to smudge them. This was the result:

It is not smudge-proof, but it’s fine because Skin Potions never claimed it to be.

Jasmine Eyes retails for Php 399

Overall: 4/5

Two Wishes Highlight and Contour Stick

I feel like Two Wishes is a shoutout to Princess Jasmine’s (played by Naomi Scott) gorgeous, fine, perfectly contoured features. This contour and highlight duo comes in one shade, so I had to test if it is dark enough for morenas like me.

As you can see in the photo above, both are matte. The contour side is expected to be matte of course, but the highlight shade is also matte. Most similar products from other brands put a little shimmer on the highlighter stick, but not Two Wishes.

It’s not shimmery at all. It’s not a bad thing, it just makes the effect subtle. It’s meant to lift parts of the face that need a little lifting, like the nose bridge and tops of the cheeks, but nothing crazy like a blinding gold highlighter, for instance. (But I do like me some blinding highlighters hehe)

The photo below shows where I used the contour and highlight.

(Sorry about not blending my foundation into my hairline haha. Under the scarf is a shower cap and deep conditioner haha #multitasking)

It works subtly, at least for me. I like how subtle it is especially on my nose.

If you have the same skin tone as me and you’re looking for a dramatic contour, this may not be the product for you. However, if you’d like just a gentle lift and shadow, then this is perfect. I think it would perform more dramatically on lighter skin tones. If you’ve tried it and you have lighter skin, let me know how it works for you!

As for the formula, it’s creamy and almoooost sticky. It was a little tricky to blend. I used a small stippling brush to keep the light and shadow isolated where they’re supposed to be. Maybe a wet sponge could work better.

Two Wishes retails for Php 449

Overall: 4/5

Brow of Wonders

When I first saw the swatches of these on the Skin Potions Instagram, I got excited because the shades were cool toned. “Yaaaaassss”, I thought. “No red-brown browz for our princesses,” which, by the way, is among my biggest makeup pet peeves.

These brow pencil/brow mascara combos come in three shades. Most retractable angled tip pencils I’ve seen comes with a simple spoolie on the other end for blending. Brow of Wonders takes it a step further, including a complementing brow mascara on the other end.

The consistency of the pencil is heaven, y’all. It’s very easy to draw on hair in sparse areas for a natural look or to draw on a really on-fleek pair. The shape of the pencil also provides you with a sharp or wide edge depending on your preference. Some pencils tend to be too waxy that you have to use a heavy hand to get a faint line.

For the brow mascara, I love it as well. It holds the brow hairs in place and the colors are very close to the color of the pencil so they work well together.

My only comment is that the Medium and Dark shades are too similar. It may be just my lighting, it could look different in natural light. Regardless, maybe a more distinct difference between the two could’ve really expanded the range better.

Brow of Wonders retails for Php 499

Overall: 4.5/5

A Whole New Matte Lipstick

As a lipstick girl, I am always excited for new lipstick releases. This collection includes a red, my favorite lipstick color, so I’m twice as excited.

A Whole New Matte Lipstick comes in three shades: Spirited, Curious, and Fierce. All awesome and positive virtues. (I also have a thing for cool shade names hehe) Here they are:

It’s a good range consisting of a light pink nude, a deeper rose color, and a bold red. These shades are similar to the ones Jasmine was wearing in the movie.

The product claims to be a matte lipstick, but upon my trial, it has a satin finish at best. I thought it just took a while to dry, but even when dry, there was still shine.

As for application, you may apply as usual. The applicator is a common flat sponge applicator.

To get an even color on the lips you may need to swipe over a previous layer.

Those aside, it feels okay on the lips. It’s not drying, but it is a little sticky. I was kind of conscious about whether it will stick to my teeth.

It’s not smudge-proof and transfer-proof either. I took this after letting it set for 10 or so minutes.

On the bright side, it’s true to its water-proof claim. I tried micellar water to remove the swatches, but they wouldn’t come off. I had to use petroleum jelly to remove them completely.

Another plus is that it can be used as a blush. In one of Skin Potions CEO Ms. Jonah’s IG stories, she tried using the lipsticks as blush and it worked. I tried to do that too in the look I created with these products. It worked for me as well. This may be used as a lip and cheek product.

A Whole New Matte Liquid Lipstick retails for Php 399 each.

Overall: 3.5/5

Here is my finished look using Jasmine Eyes, Two Wishes, Brow of Wonders in Dark, Spirited as blush, and Fierce on my lips:

The whole collection is obviously a labor of love by Skin Potions and Disney, bringing us kids at heart some practical, affordable, and quality makeup products, lending a touch of magic to our everyday grownup lives.

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  1. The matte liquid lipstick looks nice, even the brow pencil/brow mascara🙂 Thank you for sharing us your review, Miss er!💖


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