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Blythe Cosmetics by Careline Hypercosmic Collection Review

On Wednesday, August 14, 2019 Careline launched their latest collaboration with Andrea Brillantes. Andrea, whose real name is Anndew Blythe, plays Margarette Mondragon Bartolome on the hit teleserye “Kadenang Ginto”. Blythe has been a long-time endorser of Careline,  but it is the first time she has collaborated with them for her own line of cosmetics.

The Hypercosmic Collection was inspired by Blythe’s fascination with the otherwordly. During the press event, she candidly talked about believing in aliens, and that she actually has an alien friend. This fascination is reflected in the packaging of the products, sprinkled with doodle of stars, spaceships, and planets.

The names of the products also reflect this, with shades called “Cosmic”, “Comet” and “Falling Star”, referencing astronomical objects and  phenomena. Ultimately, this influenced her choice of colors and shades for the products, with deep blue and purple lipstick, a highlighter palette (aptly called “Stardust Palette”) which includes a lavender holographic shade, and Starlight Eyes, a metallic finish liquid eye shadow.

Now let’s get into the review!

Majestic Matte Lipstick

When the teasers were first released, I was most curious about the lipsticks. I’ve always said this, but I LOVE LIPSTICK. What do I love more than lipstick? BOLD LIPSTICK. so the Majestic Mattes were right up my alley.

Honestly, I didn’t let myself get too excited with the pretty packaging. At the low price point, retailing at Php 165, I was prepared for a less than stellar product (star pun intended haha). But when I swatched it at the event, I was so pleasantly surprised.

These lipsticks are so pigmented and smooth. As you will see in the swatches below, one swipe was all it took for the pigment to show up beautifully. I had my eye on “Cosmic” since the beginning.

With my trial and error looking for dark, bold lipsticks, I know how difficult it is to find a dark color that isn’t patchy or streaky when applied. I liked it so much, I took off the lipstick I wore to the event and changed it into this beautiful blue.

Despite its matte finish, this formula is absolutely longwearing without being drying. I ate plenty at the event and the lipstick stayed on until it was time to take it off.

Rating: 5/5 (the first product to receive a perfect score on my blog!)

Stellar Satin Lipstick

The lipstick range of the Hypercosmic Collection provides us with neutral options as well, in a satin finish. There are four satin shades that include a nudes in brown, pink, warm, and mauve hues.


I wasn’t able to swatch Phoebe because I couldn’t find it on the table. So please forgive me for that!

These lippies feel creamier than the mattes, however they are a little less pigmented and they come off easier. But that’s okay because reapplying these babies is a joy. They glide on like butter and feel moisturizing on the lips.

Rating: 4.5/5

Retails at Php 165

Cloud Tint

The tints come in traditional acrylic tubes with doe foot applicators. I favor this kind of packaging over others for tints because it gives you more control for the direction and concentration of the product. That said, this tint is very pigmented. I was intimidated at first because they look like liquid lipstick: solid pigmentation, thick formula.

Working with it though, I discovered that they are blendable, for as long as you can work a bit quickly. You will be able to see lines and not have such a smooth and even blend if you take your time.

As for the shade range, the basic shades and popular preferences are represented. It’s just a matter of personal preference, however, I am intimidated to use some of the shades as blush. I would rather war them on just my lips because they are bold colors. If I use them on my cheeks, I’ll use a very small amount.

Rating: 4/5

Retails for Php 195

Stardust Palette

This was among the products I was excited about because…highlighters. I love anything shiny. This palette comes with three shades: one iridescent powder with a purple shift, one warm gold-bronze shade, and a rose-gold shade.

They all swatch very nicely! However, I would use my fingers to apply this product for a solid, blinding highlight, because there is some fallout. The highlighters can lean toward sparkly as opposed to a fine highlight because the glitter particles can be seen.

But, I feel like when the placement and technique is more careful and intentional, it has the potential of being a really poppin’, luxe-looking highlighter.

But this is not bad at all, considering you are paying for less than 100 pesos for each pan.

Rating: 4.5/5

Retails at: Php 275

Starlight Eyes

As a sucker for everything shiny and metallic, I was really happy about this. The shade range includes a rose gold, a warm gold, and a bronzy shade. My first impression was that these liquid eyeshadows are too chunky and difficult to blend and set. I applied the shade Pegasus on my eyes in a rush during the event and I found it creasing, and it set into my crease, so I wasn’t too impressed. I was rushing to swatch at the event as well because there was so much going on and I had a case of FOMO 😩 (fear of missing out).

Upon swatching today and taking the time to really blend with my fingers and try to evenly coat the surface, I found out I was wrong. This product is actually really good, given that you take the time to really place it carefully and blend evenly before it sets. Once it sets, it delivers a true metallic shine that is smudgeproof,  as in it did not budge all day, even when I took a nap (and I sleep in weird positions)

This is definitely value for money, even if you just get it to stare at it.

Rating: 4.5/5

Retails for: Php185

Eyeliner Duo Stamp

These eyeliners scream “Blythe!” to me for some reason. Blythe is among the people who rock a cat eye effortlessly and the cute star and teardrop stamps reflect her fun, youthful attitude.

The liners deliver solid, even pigment. The tip is felt, meaning the lines are more crisp and you will have more control of the product, as opposed to brush-tipped liners. The stamps also deliver even pigment. They are smudge proof, although they naturally fade a little if you have oily lids like me.

I like that there is a dark brown option, because I personally prefer soft definition on my eyes with liner, but black looks too intense for me during the day.

Just careful with the pressure with which you apply the liner because it is a little watery until it dries and sets. If you put too much pressure, the liquid can get into creases and lines of your skin, and anyone who’s tried liquid liner knows it could go downhill from there.

Rating: 4/5

Retails for: Php 185

Perfect Brow Trio

This product already gets a bonus star from me for being sleek and having three products at once. I really love multi-use products because they are easy to pack and the products were made to work with each other, making #KilayGoals more achievable and fool-proof.

That being said, the pencil is a little waxy, it’ll take a heavier hand to get an even, pigmented stroke.  The powder is a little disappointing, however because there is barely any pigment delivered by the sponge tip applicator. The gel is pigmented and waterproof. It makes for a cohesive brow look, making this product worth the purchase, even for that alone. I think I might actually use the brow gel on its own because it’s really good.

The shades are also well-rounded, including a warm brown shade, a cool dark brown, and a dark gray. I love these colors as brow shades because they are on the cool side, avoiding the red eyebrow look. Y’all know what I’m talking about.

Rating: 4/5

Retails for: Php 265 (which I think is a teensy bit overpriced because of the subpar performance of 2/3 of the products)

Face Palette

The face palettes are another girl-on-the-go essential, including four eyeshadows in each palette, with a multi-purpose tint on the second layer.

The swatches of the eyeshadows were a little underwhelming, especially the matte shades. I think if you have fair skin, they will show up better, but for Filipinas with deeper skintones like me, they don’t show up well. I will say that the shimmer/metallic shades are more pigmented than the matte shadows.

As for the tints, I am in love with the tint shade in the Eclipse palette: a deep berry red. This is super flattering on morenas. These tints will take a little warming up, meaning you have to slide your finger around for a few seconds in order to melt it a bit and  get enough product.

The swatches below is what happens when you just dip your finger in the tint and shadows.

Rating: 3.5/5

Retails for: Php 245


Overall thoughts

The Hypercosmic Collection is a fun way to explore different textures and colors without breaking the bank. All the products retail for less than Php 300. You get great products in sturdy, cute packaging, which is important. I would recommend this for anyone who likes to play with sparkles and colors, as well as those who prefer a more subtle look for everyday.

You can watch these products in action on my video on the products. I’ll post the link here once it’s up!

3 thoughts on “Blythe Cosmetics by Careline Hypercosmic Collection Review”

  1. They’re soooo cute! Cosmic and Vixen are screaming my name!
    I just watched Booya’s review on YouTube and she didn’t like the scent. I wonder how bad the scent is or at least what it smells like and if it’s really that terrible.


    1. Yeah I saw! I spoke to her and she doesn’t like the smell. It smells like just makeup to me. She said parang chemical/grandma smell daw. I get why she thinks that pero it doesn’t bother me naman, even if I wore it all evening yesterday. I think it could be a personal preference kinda thing. 😄


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