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Singles’ Love Reading

This is a reading for singles that will be customized to your own personal circumstances in your singlehood. Whether you are finding yourself recently single, healing and focusing on self-love, single for a long time, or ready and manifesting new love, this is the reading for you.

This reading will take a look at your potential love blocks, your hopes and fears, how you can practice more self-love while waiting for the right love, and indicators for how and when you can potentially meet your next love.

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Energy Exchange:Php 999
Duration60 mins

Relationship Reading

This is the reading for you if you are inquiring about your connection with another person. This reading will look into the foundations of your connection, the challenges, hopes and fears, and likely outcome.

You may be in a new relationship, a long-term committed relationship, thinking about getting out of a relationship, or thinking about whether to make it official with someone you have been dating or seeing casually.

You can even ask about the strange person you’ve never met but keeps showing up in your dreams.

If you want to know about your relationship with another, this is the reading for you.

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Energy ExchangePhp 999
Duration60 mins

Couples’ Reading

This is a reading that allows both/all of the parties in a relationship to be present. Some conversations are hard to have with the person that you love, for fear of losing them or fear of things changing forever. This reading is particularly helpful for individuals in a relationship to discuss their needs, hopes, fears, as well as external factors affecting the relationship with the support of the tarot.

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Energy ExhangePhp 1111
Duration60 mins

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