How I Began Doing Lip Art

I always had a fascination with small things. My mom also loved miniatures so we had small things all around the house. My first drawings were pages upon pages of tiny flowers. I would make small sculptures out of clay. You get it—I grew up being surrounded by small things.

When I was old enough to do my nails, I started with simple nail art. I did this until I was in college, as a trick to keep myself from sleeping. I would paint my nails with intricate patterns then work on projects and papers until they were finished and until my nails were dry. The fear of smearing my work kept me awake and working. In college we all invent our own motivation hacks and that was mine.

On to how I started doing lip art: as many of the people who know me know, I love makeup. I love anything that has to do with it. My Instagram feed is full of makeup looks and artists. I could stare at the work of artists all over the world for hours (bad for me, I know.) Some artists I love so much are Vlada Haggerty(@vladamua) and Jazmina Daniel (@missjazminad), they are the ultimate K W E E N S of lip art. I began getting the idea that lips can be canvasses too. So I tried to make one, my first ever was of Jigglypuff. I did a full look, with eyes to match.


The second one I did was of Sully from Monsters’ Inc.


But regardless of how much I wanted to do them with regularity, doing a full look every time took too much time. So for a few months I didn’t come up with anything. Until I remembered I had blue lipstick.

I love shopping and window shopping for makeup, so when we were in Tokyo last year, I was as giddy as a five-year-old in a candy store finding makeup in all colors, all in kawaii packaging. I bought blue lipstick as a souvenir, knowing I might not be able to use it at all (but I wore it to downtown Tokyo the next day, LOL).

Anyway, a few months after coming home to the Philippines, I was looking for something to use it for. I suddenly has the urge to do something with it again (the first was Sully). Then I saw my mom’s turquoise necklace and it hit me, I had to do turquoise lips.

turqBut I was too lazy to do anything else, so I only took the photo from the lips to the upper chest. From then on, I took photos that way.

I am inspired by anything and everything. Lately I have been inspired by the holidays.


My lip art story is just beginning. Hoping you’ll take the journey with me!

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