Hi, my name is Erianne Salazar. 

I am a full-time growth and empowerment advocate, and a professional makeup artist and commercial model in the day.

I created Pretty Positive long before I had any idea what I really wanted to write about. I just knew that I like pretty things and positive things. I used to think that positivity was always pretty, but life so far has taught me that positivity comes from the acknowledgement of contrast. Life is a beautiful mixture of light and shadow.

Pretty Positive has evolved with me to give itself the most appropriate meaning: healthy positivity. I am on a journey in the practice of gratitude for the miracles of life (big and small); and exploring the optimization of the Self through care for body and spirit, and creating beauty–in ways as little as seeing it in ourselves.

It is my hope that as I share my own journey with you, you become empowered to take your own life in your hands and mold it into whatever you want. It has always been yours to create. Life happens for you, and not to you. You are co-creating your life with Source. Call it the Universe, God, whatever you choose to call the Higher Being, it supports you in everything that you want to have and experience in your life.

Learning this has changed my life. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Stay Pretty Positive!

With love always, Er

Er earned her Broadcast Communication Degree from the University of the Philippines – Diliman. She has been working as a freelance makeup artist since 2012, with makeup for film and television as her current focus. Her fascination with the esoteric and the Law of Attraction began when she was just around ten years old. She has several advocacies she supports including the protection of women and children, as well as body positivity and the revolution against oppressive standards of beauty.