Mold on my Beauty Blender! (Plus tips on cleaning and storage)

I used to use Beauty Blender dupes until my mom got me real one as a gift. I would have never bought myself the real one because the price is pretty steep for a sponge ($20 or approximately Php 1000), so I settled for dupes. I loved how the dupes worked so I was really excited to have the original Beauty Blender. It delivered on expectations: blending foundation, concealer, and contour seamlessly. I was in love with the results I got with the Beauty Blender.

I read somewhere before having either the dupe or the real one, that plastic Easter eggs were a great way to store the Beauty Blender. I thought it was pretty clever. In fact, that’s how I used to store the dupes I used without any problems. It was actually convenient especially when travelling. I stored it in the egg even when I was home so it doesn’t touch the makeup table. I believed I was keeping it clean.

So I used the same container when I got my BB. After a little more than a month of using it and storing it that way,  I started to notice little black dots all over my sponge. At first I thought they were makeup stains I didn’t get out from the last time I washed it, so I washed it again. They wouldn’t come off. Then the feeling of dread began to take over.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with using the Beauty Blender, it has to be damp before use. You put it under a running faucet then squeeze off the excess water before it’s ready to use.

I don’t know why it hadn’t occurred to me that moisture + enclosed space = mold (common sense, why have you abandoned me at my time of need?). It was fine with my other sponge though, or maybe it grew some mold too, only I hadn’t noticed.

Moldy Beauty Blender

I thought I was keeping it clean and neatly stored. Little did I know that I was slowly destroying my beloved Beauty Blender. I wish the packaging came with in depth care tips so users can avoid damaging their sponges.
What should have I done instead? And what should you do so you won’t end up with a moldy Beauty Blender like me?

Here are a few tips:

  • Store in a place with proper ventilation, but away from direct sunlight
  • Use a mesh bag
  • Use something that won’t let it touch the table, but will let it breathe. I use a cute teacup now to hold my Beauty Blender on my vanity.
  • Wait until it is completely dry before storing it in a plastic bag or anything that won’t let the Blender breathe
  • Wash it every after use
  • Use the Beauty Blender cleanser that it comes with or use a gentle anti-bacterial soap. I use both the cleanser and some mild hand soap and they both work well.
  • Don’t squeeze too hard and don’t squeeze with your nails. Nails can tear through the sponge with enough pressure.

So, there you have it! These are my experiences with the Beauty Blender and some care tips I learned in hindsight. Hopefully these help you keep your Beauty Blender in tip-top shape.

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