Beauty Pop by Penshoppe Review

According to my recent research, Penshoppe had  beauty products consisting of lipsticks, liptints, eyeliners, even a gloss palette and a brush set. It may have been because I was too young to notice and not old enough to wear makeup, but I didn’t really hear so much about it. In my awareness, makeup from Penshoppe was virtually unheard of. *sorry*

(Liptint photo from:https://abegaillvillacruz.wordpress.com/2015/02/21/review-penshoppe-dazzle-set/ ; Penshoppe Beauty Bundle Set photo from: http://thestyleprodigy.blogspot.com/2012/08/check-this-out-penshoppe-personal-care.html)

Until today. Penshoppe has just launched it’s new makeup line called Beauty Pop. They created a big BANG instead with a pop, having Victoria’s Secret Angels and International Supermodels Romee Strijd and Lais Ribiero as the faces of the makeup line.

(This was them from where I was standing during the event. They looked unreal.)

The line is composed of two kinds of lipsticks: Hydramattes and Litemattes, with nine shades each for a grand total of 18 shades.

Beauty Pop by Penshoppe Color Swatch Sheet

The Hydramattes

The HydraMattes claim to deliver hydrating, bold color with a subtle sheen so the lips feel moisturized. Here are the swatches of the Hydramattes:

The shade range is wide, including reds, mauves, nudes, pinks, even a dark plum. The shades are bold, but definitely wearable. The formula is creamier than the Litemattes, because they are more hydrating.

The Litemattes

The Litemattes claim to deliver a lightweight true matte finish, with bold long-lasting pigment. Here are my arm swatches of the Litemattes:

The Formula

All of my own swatches took about 2-3 swipes each. As you can see, both formulas are a little patchy when applied. One swipe looks like the end of the swatches where the colors fade out.

Due to the similarity of the packaging to Sunnies Face’s own line of lippies, people have wondered whether they are similarly formulated as well. Other beauty bloggers have already  made comparisons and I would have to agree: the formula is not as creamy and pigmented as Sunnies Face. Sunnies would deliver full color in a single swipe, in my experience.

As for moisture, I honestly did not feel any difference between the formulas. They HydraMattes were easier to swatch, however, when applied on the lips , they kind of felt the same.

Now, for staying power. The longevity of the Hydramattes on my lips is not really worth noting as I’ve had to reapply on the inner parts after I had milktea before leaving the house. The LiteMattes on the other hand are true to their claim of being “long lasting”. It stains the lips even after the real lipstick layer fades off, which it does after a normal meal.

Hydramatte in “Mauve It”, freshly applied
“Mauve It” after a shot and a glass of water.

Litematte in “Wild Child” applied around 2 hours ago.
“Wild Child” after eating Hamsilog and Potato Corner haha

 (All the photos are raw and unedited so you can really see the effects 😄)

The Packaging

The packaging is gorgeous! I am legit in love with anything ombre. The HydraMattes come in Sky blue/Pink ombre and the LiteMattes come in Peach/Pink ombre. The tube finish is matte, and the quality of the material is good: it feels heavy and luxurious. The boxes they come in are also super pretty. I’m glad the tubes come in the same color as the boxes, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to throw the boxes away because they’re so pretty.

The lipsticks are each engraved with “Beauty Pop” on the side. The engraving is clear and fine, adding to the luxury feel.

Value for Money

At Php 219 a pop, I think it’s a pretty solid deal. Beauty Pop by Penshoppe encourages you to “make your beauty pop”, to express yourself. Maybe, like me, your comfort zone is boldly colored lips, or be the complete opposite, preferring nude shades. Beauty Pop by Penshoppe is affordable, allowing us to experiment with color and different shades without breaking the bank.

Overall rating: 4/5

PS: I’ve been asked by a friend to find out where they were made and whether they are cruelty free. Unfortunately, there was no response. I’ll ask again and update here!

8 thoughts on “Beauty Pop by Penshoppe Review”

  1. Honestly, this is a great guide for morenas like me. It is so detailed. I really hope for more morena beauty gurus like you and johnrey. You really embraced and love our skintone❤️ Plus i really love the shades it’s awesome, you can have everyday to bold shades!


  2. I wouldn’t think Wild Child would be a great shade until you put it on! I definitely applaud Penshoppe for creating and extending the color of shades of its lipsticks. Even the packaging is well-thought of knowing that Penshoppe is definitely focusing on the wants and aesthetics of its target market. I agree on your review sis! Hoping to read more of your reviews in the future 😘


  3. “Beauty Pop by Penshoppe is affordable, allowing us to experiment with color and different shades without breaking the bank.”

    Yes yes yes!


  4. Beautiful shades and ang lakas makainternational because they were able to get Victoria’s Secret Angels and International Supermodels Romee Strijd and Lais Ribiero! Ang galing! Nakakaproud po talaga! Ang ganda din ng packaging and wide naman po yung shade range. Reasonable din po yung prize. Sana nga lang po cruelty free din. Nice review po! (IG: fluffyanika123)


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