Makeup Portfolio

Makeup is an art with many applications. Work with me for your projects and events, whatever they may be.

I have been a practicing freelance makeup artist since 2012. I was part of the Top 15 of the Nyx FACE Awards Philippines. In 2019, I earned my certificate as a Special Effects Makeup Artist.

Makeup for Events

Special occasions undoubtedly have moments you will want to capture and look back on in the future. Let me bring out the sparkle in your eye and frame your beautiful smile.

Makeup for Film/ TV/ Commercial

Film, television, and commercials have diverse makeup needs with regards to time, location, character, continuity, image register on camera, and more. Your talents will be in good hands.

Special Effects

Some projects require talents to age 40 years, to look dead, ghostly, or very terribly mutilated. With prosthetics and special effects makeup, your vision can be brought to life, however outrageous (or subtle!) it may be.

Creative Looks

Makeup is meant to be fun!


Tiny details and make or break an image. Nails are indeed small surfaces that can be hidden and not paid much attention to. Done well and beautifully, they can make a statement.