Tarot Services

Tarot is an empowering tool for self-awareness.

The answers we seek are already within us. With the cards, you will receive messages and guidance from the Universe, your guides, and your Higher Self.

If you want to learn a little more about Tarot, this post will help you understand what it is and quell any fears you may have about it.

Private Reading

Maybe you have a question weighing heavily on your heart. Maybe you’re wondering whether your current career path is aligned with your true calling. The messages you need will find their way to you.

Book Your Personal Love Reading

Pretty Positive Tarot is a safe space for all the matters of your heart, whoeve you are, whatever you are going through.

Singles Readings, Relationship Readings, and Couple Readings are available.

Beginners’ Tarot Class

Learn this ancient art of divination with a community of like-minded seekers. Tap into your intuition and feel the energy of each card. Receive your first tarot deck from me too, your teacher.

(Classes are currently closed)

Spiritual Life Coaching

So, you want to live life more mindfully and choose to live life as if it is a miracle. Let’s walk together!

“I believe that there was a beautiful reason to why I immediately asked Er to read for me when I first saw that she reads tarot. I believe the Universe really wanted me to hear those messages. She was the perfect person to relay those messages to me, and every time my head is spinning and I need clarity, I go to her for a reading.”

— Rika, Tarot Client

“Tarot reading is knowing yourself through the guidance of your intuition. I learned this in Er’s class. Seriously, hands down, one of the best classes I have ever attended. I was hooked from start to finish. I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it. If there will be an advanced class in the future, I will attend again!

— Vissia, Beginners’ Tarot Student